Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trip Conclusion

We have had a great time together this past month. It’s been fun to pal around, and really nice to explore so much of Europe. We have seen firsthand that people in Europe are not much different than we are. It has been wonderful to see all of their cultural treasures and learn a little about their histories.

One month is quite a long time to be on the road. At one point, I began to measure our time out based on our consumable supplies. Things such as clean clothing, trial size bottles of contact lense solution and deodorant. For example – I knew we had been out two weeks because we had used ½ of our contact solution up.

We now know how to pack for a one month journey. We each packed one medium suitcase and a backpack. If we could do it again – we would have packed small suitcases instead and planned time to do laundry each week. We have managed getting our luggage around just fine – but being just a little lighter would be more desirable.

As for being gone an entire month . . . it seems the amount of time has been just right. We are ready to go home – we wouldn’t want to be out another month. But . . . we also don’t think the trip could have been any shorter.

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